Dennis Lee Roth Vocals

Dennis Lee Roth was discovered by Skitch Rockett while DLR was singing on the beaches of Los Angeles, California.  Rockett was in the City of Angels to speak on the dangers of drugs as part of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say NO To Drugs” campaign. Dennis was working out to keep his sculpted buns in perfect shape to match his chiseled chin.  You see, bleach-blonde DLR has a five and a half octave vocal range, and when Rockett saw this for himself, he knew this was the front man for The Glam Band.  Dennis’ singing influences include his cousin, Diamond David Lee Roth, who taught him to kick like a Rock Star, and Bozo the Clown.

Dennis Peters Vocals

Growing up in the small town of Wild Rose, WI, Dennis took part in the school’s music program, learning the trumpet, percussion and participating in choir. Sports and music were his main outlets as a youth. While attending college in Minneapolis, Dennis was signed to a personal management contract and recorded at Paisley Park Studios with Prince himself at the mixing board. Dennis has played in various bands in the Fox Valley over the years, mostly with 3-time WAMI award winning Sonic Circus until 2016. Dennis lives in Appleton and works as a Mortgage Loan Originator.

Skitch Rockett Drums

Parts unknown (seriously).  He showed up on a doorstep one morning wearing the sleaziest makeup known to man.  We couldn’t tell if he was a circus clown or the shittiest New York Dolls imposter.  Not sure about much of his background other than the fact that he received some type of schooling from a washed up band director, and slowly found his way on the club scene.  Along the way he played with pretty much every group in the state, staying just long enough to earn enough cash for a pizza and case of beer. 

 Skitch is known as the “laid back” guy in the band.  He rarely says much and doesn’t have an opinion on anything; just go with the flow.  It doesn’t take much to rile him up and I think that shows in his playing. . . slow, methodical, and come to think of it . . . pretty boring.  He takes the title of best looking member in the band at over 6’6”, wears a size 13, despises malted beverages and actively maintains a MySpace page.

Eric Johnson Drums

Eric hails from the great city of De Pere, WI where he lives with his wife Jenna and children Warren, Otto and new addition Evelyn.  Early interest in music was inspired by his grandfather, Warren Johnson, horn player for the legendary Dick Rodgers Recording Orchestra.  Schooled by one of the marquee music programs in the state, Eric began playing the club scene in his late teens and was a mainstay for the next 12+ years, performing at some of the biggest festivals in the state and with countless groups.  He also spent seven years working at Henri’s Music and also taught privately.  These days things have slowed down a bit as THE GLAM BAND is his main musical venture. 


Will E Stradlyn Guitar

While living in Indiana, Will E Stradlyn heard that Northeastern WI was going to be the next booming Mecca of hard rock and heavy metal. Will immediately packed up his neon pink 1985 iROC/Z Camaro and headed to the Dairy State. In Wisconsin Stradlyn found work with a variety of show bands before settling into a Captain and Tennille cover band. Because of the band’s strenuous touring and party schedule, Will developed a near lethal addiction to Mountain Dew and black market muscle milk. Granted, this concoction helped in developing his triceps and keeping him awake during gigs, but it also nearly took his life. Realizing his problem, he checked himself into the same rehab facility that many of the current and past members of the Notorious Glam Band had used!  Stradlyn’s first post-rehab venture was a hard rocking band called “Schenker/Stradlyn Overdrive”.  Soon after, he joined a Black “Savage” tribute band that was fronted by none other than The Glam Band’s Matty Savage(who sang all the songs in the voice of Neil Diamond). Both of these bands soon broke up over money and riser height disagreements. The “Bandless” Stradlyn nearly fell back into his old destructive habits. This is when fate stepped in and he received a phone call asking him to fill a vacant spot with his friends in The Glam Band. Will accepted the offer, joined the Band in early 2019, and has not looked back since.

Will Ricketts Guitar

As the newest member of the Glam Band, Will Ricketts was beyond excited to bring his GLAMorous guitars, blonde wig, and vocals to the stage. He grew up in both Indiana and Wisconsin, where he was a part of several choirs all throughout his school years. He also played the trombone, took piano lessons, and of course, began playing guitar at age 14. He attended UWOshkosh, where he received his degree in recording technology and began playing in bands. After college, Will continued to hit the stage with several other bands on the weekends, and pursued personal training as his main profession. He now lives in Neenah, WI with his wife, Katie, and two kids, Izzy and Trevor. When not covered in vibrant makeup and body glitter, you can find Will spending time with his family and dogs, exercising, working on his guitars, jamming with buddies, and being outside.

Matt Savage Bass Guitar

Born at the foot of Stonehenge and voted most likely in the Glam Band to actually be mistaken for a girl while in stage makeup, Savage spent his teenage years as a roadie/go-fer for all the bands on the Sunset Strip.  One day he swiped a spare bass from one of them (Nikki is still looking for it) and began to fake his way through gigs with his first bands “Sorry”, “Kwitcherbitchen”and “Nirvana” (who had to inexplicably change their name in the early 90’s). He hit rock bottom, literally, when he decided to go cliff diving in Acapulco after a week long bender.  The Glam Band saw his story on the news and said, “We need to get that guy”.  The rest is history…

Matt Hammen Bass Guitar

Matt grew up in a very musical family where Mom sang & played flute and Dad sang and played trumpet, trombone and later guitar.  He started out listening to his parent’s classic rock music such as Pink Floyd, Ted Nugent, Fleetwood Mac, Heart & Kiss then gradually progressed to the then current 90’s staples in middle school listening to Green Day, Collective Soul, Nirvana & Metallica.  He played trombone from 7th grade into college, including jazz band, symphonic band, trombone choir and UW-Milwaukee Panther Pep Band.  He picked up bass in high school when his dad bought one on a whim to add to his guitar collection.  He’s been playing bass for 19 years with 13 of those in various bands, including Boxkar, Hank’s Kaboose, Whiskey Trio and Sledgehammen. 

Dee Flatt Keyboards

Hailing from Stockholm Sweden, Dee first broke into the business by tuning Keytars for the band Europe in the mid 80s. From there he toured internationally with bands Salty Cat, Gotthard?, and the Impotent Sea Turtles.  Flatt’s career stalled in the mid 90s when his addiction to makeup and women’s clothing resulted in his removal from the International Keyboardist Society, as well as banishment from most public performance venues throughout Europe and the United States. Dee was left alone, forced to play fake gigs in front of a mirror in his basement.  However, his luck changed when the blow-up doll The Glam Band had been employing to play keyboard deflated(true story!), “thrusting” him back into the 80s music scene.  Dee Flatt happily joined the band in the fall of 2013 and hasn’t looked back since!

Dave Schepp Keyboards

Behind the Aquanet and Man-scara is Dave Schepp. Dave studied piano and brass at a very young age and holds degrees from UWEC and UWGB.  When not “Glamming” it up on stage, he is busy teaching concert band, jazz band, and the Phantom Drumline at West De Pere Middle School.  Outside of teaching, Dave enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his daughters Emma and Trista. Rumor has it that Dave borrows shirts from his daughters to wear on stage…but this has never totally been confirmed.

Randi Schenker Guitar

An illegitimate bastard child from the parents of the Shenker brothers (Michael and Rudolph of Scorpions and MSG group fame), Randi was forbidden access to the electric guitar at a young age and instead forced to endure years of grueling ballet and flute recitals. Despite having no decipherable literacy skills at age 14, Randi escaped his cellar as a stowaway on a ship to the U.S., where he acquired an insatiable addiction to Listerine and the guitar. Weeks later Randi was booted from TV series Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew for donning nothing but a White Lion T-Shirt while on set. During one of his 9 stays at Betty Ford, Randi developed and sold the patent for Fundies, the underwear built for two. The royalty checks went towards a new guitar, a tattoo of an elephant head and ears on his lower pelvis, more Listerine, and tickets to a Celine Dion concert where he met and was recruited by JJ Deville and Skitch Rockett. The rest as they say, is history. 

Chris Larson Guitar

Chris was initially attracted to drums and had a small kit at a very early age. The kit was eventually wrecked from one too many times propping it up on the couch as a makeshift stage. Going into middle and high school, he focused on martial arts, football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling before he found the guitar when he was 16. After an obsessive couple of years of practice, he began playing the local scene.  Coincidentally one of the first local bands he went out to see was The Glam Band. He grew musically and professionally in local bands Fuse, Hindsight, Half Empty, and others, playing most of Wisconsin’s largest festivals over the next 14 years. The offer to join The Glam Band offer came about in 2014 and he relished the opportunity to join friends who had inspired him years earlier.  He recently completed his degree in Business Administration from UW-Oshkosh.  Outside of music Chris enjoys selling conveyors, working out and being outdoors.